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Who & Why this website was created?

English to Marathi translation is the idea of Sarvam Bansal. He is an E-MBA from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.This website is a subsidiary of Transdigital.co Transdigital.co owns multiple websites and www.englishtomarathi.com is one of them. Transdigital.co created this website to fulfill the community need, considering the growing interest in English to Marathi language translation. Approximatly 150,000 people search for English to Marathi machine translation service every month and this number is growing month on month.

What is this site about?

This site was launched in late 2015 with an attempt to supply a multi feature language text translator. We will always strive to make it the best website for translation and other services related to Indian languages. This website can translate an image into text of any selected Indian language. User can download and print the translated text with just a single click.

Our Aim:

Currently this website serves as a translator and a portal to buy interesting books online. However we intent to introduce an inbuilt dictionary and some amazing features which cannot be disclosed before the launch. This will augment the usage of Indian languages. We intent to give goodness to the society.